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Hello,dear Customer:

Shnezhen Hoin Tech in the spirit of "excellent quality, caring service", in order to protect your legitimate rights and interests, exempt you from worries, to make the following commitments:

Hoin make sure all of the machines sold were after the multi-channel detection process, and dispensing inspection certificate and instructions , to ensure that your product is the good working one, please strictly follow the instructions to use Hoin products.

Regarding the failure problem in the use of the process, we make the following guarantee:

1, remind and explain

(1)The warranty card in the products package, which can be used as the product quality assurance certificate.

(2) Warranty date is the invoice date, if you are not able to show the invoice, warranty period of the product will be the production date

(3)Before receiving maintenance service, pls be sure to backup the valuable information and procedures , Hoin is only responsible for the maintenance and testing of the product, within the range of standard service we can't provide any data backup and recovery, Hoin service only to ensure that the printer can be used normally.

(4) the guarantee period of the whole machine and the main parts of the whole machine and the main parts shall be replaced within the statutory "three packs", and shall be executed by the "Three Guarantees". Outside the statutory "three packs of" valid period, but it still belongs to the Hong printing products service commitment of the printer, the Hong printing after repair in products service period continue to enjoy the prescribed service and repair parts since the date of repair from Hong printing commitment period of service is less than 30 days end, the parts service life extended to repair within 30 days.

2 product service period

Since the date of your purchase (the date of the invoice),based on the non - human cause of the failure , we provide you with one year free warranty service.

3 not free of charge

(1) the whole printer or parts have been out of the guarantee period.

(2) failure or damage caused by misuse, storage maintenance or operation of a product that is not required by the specification, for example: charged plug data lines, human violence, etc..

(3) depletion of natural consumption, wear and aging of the material (shell, the plug, etc.).

(4) the failure or damage caused by maintenance, alteration or demolition by Non-Hoin people. (The machine has the disassembly mark, damage or loss.)

(5) external equipment, Non-Hoin people installed; additional third party products and spare parts installed according to customer requirements.

(6) due to accidental factors, man-made causes, under the bad working environment (including bump and scratch, high temperature / low temperature, too wet or dry, high altitude, non normal physical pressure, battery interference, different voltage, injection liquid, corrosion, incorrect plug, objects fall into, rodent and pest) cause the breakdown and the damage.

(7) the cause of the failure and damage caused by the natural disasters such as earthquakes, fires, lightning, etc..

(8)the user alter and replace the Hoin products' logo and part number.

(9) failure or damage caused by other non product design, technology, manufacturing, quality, etc..

The paid service commitment of Hoin printer

1 charging standards and services

(1) Hoin only need the cost of maintenance parts,pls contact with Hoin to find the specific maintenance parts material costs .

(2) Hoin can't offer on-site service, pls send the printer back to Hoin, Hoin maintenance personnel canculate the charges after checking the damage, then maintenan the printer after the customer confirmed ,after maintenance finished product will be deliveried back to the customers, Hoin pay for the send back courier cost.

(4) the charge standard: if not repair after testing or only simple adjust then printer can work normal, Hoin won't charge any service fee.Such as disassemble repair is completed, charge service and material cost.

2 other instructions

(1) repair parts prices will change in real time, Hoin will adjust the service charges, before each service, please check the latest offer with Hoin service staff.

(2) Hoin replaced repair parts (not including appearance, parts) provide 30 days matenance.

(3) if there are other regulations by the national laws and regulations,we will follow the national laws and regulations.